Gentons Salers is a recent herd brought together through the importation of animals, semen and embryos from France and purchases in Scotland.  All animals acquired have been blood tested beforehand.   

Gentons Salers is a member of the SAC High health scheme and accredited for BVD (first year), IBR and Johne’s (R2).  In addition, the herd is monitored for Lepto and Neospora.  Finally, to help protect the herd against TB, all animals spend their life behind a badger proof fence. 

Gentons Salers strongly believe in the predictive power of EBVs and all the animals are recorded accordingly. 

Animals are currently available for sale off farm. 

Following success with the Longhorn herd, Gentons Salers has embraced the use of imported semen and embryos to develop the herd.  2020 saw the birth of the first four Salers ET calves, three of which are polled. 

Gentons Salers has obtained significant experience in importing semen and embryos and would happily share its knowledge.  Furthermore, the production of embryos is under way both in France and in the UK and embryos will be on sale shortly. 

For semen or embryo enquiries contact:

Phone: +44 7785 22 1961
Address: Lessor Farm, Milcombe, Banbury, OX154RT