Some of these bulls are no longer part of the herd, but retain active members through the semen or embryos we have in store.u00a0

Treverton Kitson EX95

(Gorse Morrisman x Logan Dulcie EX91)

Alias Mr T who is on loan from the Hennisfield Herd, he leaves behind many generations of fantastic offspring.

Riverlands Rarebit EX90

(Riverlands Oink x Riverlands Maggot)

Reserve breed champion at the Lincolnshire Show, 2018.

Gentons Ramses EX93

(Oxlane Maharg x Fishwick Jamaica EX92)

He is the first bull to reach EX status as a two year old inu00a0the linear assessment.

Blackbrook Rochester

(Blackbrook Maximus x Blackbrook Iona)

Rochester is the sire for our 2016 and 2018 embryo programme. He was also named Bull of the Year in 2009.

There is more than 80 progeny in the herd book, including Gentons Q, Blackbrook Uno EX93 and Blackbrook Widgeon EX91

Gentons Tiger

Our top pic of the 2019 junior bulls, semen will be available in the fall.

Gentons James Bond 007

(Fishwick Lord of the Rings x Fiswick Jamaica)

Bull of the year 2015.

Semen available for sale domestically and for export