The Gentons Salers herd currently numbers 30 pedigree females. Foundation females have been sourced from the Bacardi, Cleuchhead and Cumbrian herds, while a further 20 females were purchased from Gaec Yves Fourtet, Phialip, D’Enroussou and Gane in Auvergne, France.

Embryos have also been purchased with ET-born calves already showing great promise. We look forward to our first crop of Murphy sired calves in 2021.

Plombade (Loustic x Frieda) junior heifer 

Barcardi Noelle (Magnificent x Lisette) 1st Calver 

Seawell Malina (Domino x Seawell Idaho)

Naxos (Herbin x Edwige) bulling heifer

Manor Lane Layla 

Cumbrian Jolie 916 (Ideal x Cumbrian Jolie 605)

Cleuchhead Carat (Poldean Vince x Cleuchhead Carat 3rd)

Cleuchhead Hope 1257 (Illien x Cleuchhead Hope 10th)

Cleuchhead Hope 1257 (Illien x Cleuchhead Hope 10th)

The herd grazing at Painters Farm

Ondine (MONTBLANC x Lichette)

Gentons Paris (Barcardi Normandy x Cleuchhead Magalie 1305) and Gentons Papa (Cumbrian Moonraker x Cumbrian Jolie 916