Gentons Longhorns is a member of the SAC High health scheme and has received accreditation for BVD, IBR and Johne’s (R2).  In addition, the herd is monitored for Lepto and Neospora.  Finally, to help protect the herd against TB, all animals spend their life behind a badger proof fence. 

Gentons Longhorns monitors the weight/height/length of the growing stock regularly and has established an extensive database that allows us to compare animals born in different years.  We like our heifers to have exceeded 350kg by 400 days old.  For bulls, we are satisfied with about 500kg on moderate feeding. 

In addition, Gentons Longhorns breeding animals are annually assessed as part of the NBDC Type Classification scheme. 

Gentons Longhorns regularly participate in the Society showand sales where Gentons animals are often among the prize winners and leading prices.  All animals brought to Society sales are blood tested beforehand. 

We welcome visitors to the farm, both for informal herd viewings and visits with a view to purchasing our stock.  

The herd regularly take exceptional bulls to stud both for export and domestic customers.  Semen is currently available for purchase from Gentons 007 James Bond (Bull of the Year 2015) and Riverlands Ratti (Bull of the Year 2018). 

James Bond has proved himself to be an exceptional breeding animal, with his offspring being sought after at sales.  His daughter Gentons Sara ET was the 2019 Junior heifer of the Year. 

Gentons Longhorns is at the forefront of genetic work within the Longhorn breed.  After several years of experience in traditional embryo collection and implantation, Gentons Longhorns began parallel work in IVF embryo production. The experience has been successful with the birth of the first IVF ET calves in 2020. 

Gentons Longhorns has extensive experience satisfying the export documentation and protocol needed for various countries. A selection of embryos is available for sale, both for export and domestically.  

For semen or embryo enquiries contact:

Phone: +44 7785 22 1961
Address: Lessor Farm, Milcombe, Banbury, OX154RT