The Gentons Longhorn herd currently numbers 40 cows, which are either homebred or have been purchased over the years from various herds, including, Blackbrook, Fishwick, Southfield and Gorse herds. While already at an exceptional level, the plan is to increase further the quality of the herd, through selective breeding and the use of an extensive embryo programme. 

The Gentons Salers herd was established in 2018 at a separate holding, Painters Farm. The herd, which currently numbers 30 pedigree females, includes lines which have been sourced from the Bacardi, Cleuchhead and Cumbrian herds, while a further 20 females were purchased from Gaec Yves Fourtet, Phialip, D’Enroussou and Gane in Auvergne, France. Along with the Longhorns, an embryo transfer programme has been put in place to speed up the genetic advancement of the herd.

Heifers, bulls, embryos and semen of both breeds are available privately off farm. The Gentons herd is a regular feature at regional and national shows around the country.