Fantastic Linear Assessment scores for Gentons herd

We were incredibly satisfied with our August 2018 Linear Assessment for the Gentons herd.  All but two cows were rated VG or EX.  What was particularly pleasing is that the herd is still quite young with various cows having potential for improving their ranking in the coming years.  In addition, we took great pride in being among the limited number of herds with a cow ranking EX94, as it is the highest ranking within the Longhorn breed.


Gorse Quesnelia (2009) EX94

Barlings Letty (2011)  EX93

Southfield Lark (2011)  EX92

Gorse Unexpected (2013) EX91

Southfield Kite (2010)  EX91

Durham Marion (2012)  EX90

Gorse Quirky (2009)  EX90

Gorse Thora (2012)  EX90

Blackbrook Sonnet (2008)  EX90

Gorse Ursula (2013)  VG 89

Fishwick Jamaica (2009)  VG88

Southfield Lara (2011)  VG88

Southfield Novelty (2013)  VG88

Blackbrook Vole (2011)  VG88

Young cows (Limited to VG89)

Blackbrook Yoo Hoo  (2014)  VG86

Durham Osier (2014)  VG86

Southfield Onyx (2014)  VG85

Blackbrook Yashmac (2014) VG85

Treverton Paloma (2015)  VG85

Blackbrook Ysolve (2014)  GP84